Ford Sells Volvo to China

Volvo is heading east to China after owner Ford announced that Geely won pole position in buying the struggling manufacturer.

Ford said that despite some work yet to do, the deal is likely to be finalised in the spring. Now the green light has been given, the future of Volvo and the launch of promising upcoming models such as the S60 should ‘fingers crossed’ be secure.

Following the well executed sale of Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin, Volvo is the last of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group brands to move on. Despite the sad move across the world, the sale to Geely will give them a vital foothold in the European market and while some believe china at only good at inventing chopsticks and fireworks, the move will greatly benefit the Chinese firm as Volvo’s research and development expertise and engineering skills will be a huge advantage, as its main interests are in improved quality and safety. In their defence the Chinese are already renowned for their safety in cars, therefore for Volvo to move over; it’s a very wise move and i have no doubt that this will be a positive and successful transition, moving Volvo forward to hopefully drive sales and generate a generous return on investment, after years of wallowing in a floundering business.

Geely is the largest privately owned car company in China, and has grown at an astonishing rate since making its first passenger car in August 1998, following this success, In 1999 it built a further 2,000 vehicles and in 2009 production hit an impressive 300,000. With statistics boasting such soaring numbers it’s only a matter of time before Geely cracks the European market with the revived brand. Only time can tell and until then and while knowing Volvo is safe, fellow Swedish firm Saab is still waiting to be thrown a lifeline following General Motors plans to wind down the company.

Automated Tool Dispensing Systems – The Benefits to Automotive Dealerships

Does your shop need an automated dispensing solution for tools?

If your technicians are spending precious time searching for specific tools, if they can’t remember where their gloves, lubricants, parts or any other job materials are, then you need a system in place to manage those materials and respond quickly to their needs.

The loss or mismanagement of needed tech supplies not only costs money to replace the items, but also leads to lost productivity and longer work times for repairs, directly affecting your customers.

Great dispensing solution devices should benefit a multitude of industries from the automotive industry, dealerships, manufacturers, suppliers, (OEMs) original equipment manufactures and aftermarket parts manufacturers.

Particularly useful in autoshop environments, these types of machines should be capable of managing:

• Power tools
• Hand tools
• Consumable materials
• Calibration and serialized assets
• Measuring equipment
• Testing equipment
• Portable laptop computers
• Hand-held radios
• Items in need of recharging

Automated dispensing solutions should have the ability to be tailored for each facility’s needs.

When you add the advantages of one such system to your facility, revenues will increase, productivity goes up, and customer satisfaction will reach all time highs.

Replacement costs for lost tools will dramatically go down, lost hours due to disorganization will be cut, and centralized inventory management are just some of the benefits of tool and materials dispensing automation.

Another consideration when choosing the right vendor to provide automated dispensing systems is the ongoing support they provide.

Be sure to choose a company that will provide you ongoing support from experts knowledgeable in all areas of the automotive industry from operations to management.

After extensive research and analysis of business needs, an appropriate configuration of the dispensing system will be designed to maximize use for the business.

A designated consultant will typically design the tooling management to optimize efficiency, as well as bring best-practice knowledge of service operations.

Ongoing evaluations should be adhered to, in order to determine where further improvements could be realized once the system is in place.

Functionality and ease of use are key features that the vendor you select should provide as standard items within the solution that you are seeking to implement.

Wholesale Suppliers of Automotive Parts – Drop Shipping News For Cheap Auto Parts and Repairs

The term automotive refers to materials that are made into mechanisms or components for automobiles. Examples include catalysts and supports for devices like the emission control, spark plug insulators, and sensors of various kinds.

In the automotive industry, distributors and dealers have always something new for their clients. Sale of automotive parts always includes drop shipping information to facilitate delivery as service to their clients. Hot news includes interactive automotive websites such as,, and many more. These websites are the premier source for auto and new car leads, used car leads, sub prime finance leads and more. For dealership, a form has to be filled up and submitted for review.

Internationally known wholesaler and manufacturer, not only have interactive websites but also have offshore factories affiliated to them for the purpose of manufacturing automotive parts. Even though these wholesalers are well-known, quantity discounts are still given to serious customers. They sell in any quantity to meet their clients’ needs. This includes drop shipping services.

Some of these well-know manufacturers and wholesalers do not have drop shipping services for shipments into other countries. They only cater to services connecting within the USA, like Hawaii and Alaska.

What is important is that the customer decides on the method of shipping. Priority Mail and United Parcel Services are included in the shipping methods. Clients are informed which are shipped through Priority Mail and which belong to United Parcel Services.

All drop-shipments must be prepaid. The cost of merchandise, handling charges and freight charges are part of the prepayment. A handling fee is charged to customers on per shipping carton basis. Drop shipping staffs are expert in packaging each shipment. Similar items are put together and secured from any danger of damage to the merchandise. Conditions for drop-shipping are discussed by the shipping staffs to every client. That includes the different charges using the drop-ship rate chart or the actual shipping charges.

More drop-shipping news in the automotive industry is accessible on the interactive websites of these automotive manufacturers and wholesalers. This makes the clients aware of any new rules or regulations in drop-shipping services, any new automotive parts that have to be introduced in the industry, and any new car make and models for smart clients.

Custom Automotive Lights – Dodge Ram Fog Lights

Safety is a very critical aspect that one should take into consideration while you are on the road driving. Upgrading your car with the durable and safe parts is therefore very necessary. Comfort and performance are not the only worth things to keep into your mind, but also the accessories which will make your car durable, safe and in good shape.

The Dodge fog light helps in protecting you and your car when driving in ugly and unfavorable weather conditions such as mist and rain. These lights have an intense lighting which provides good visibility in poor conditions. They are one of the excellent safety devices if you are driving in areas with thick fogs. The fog lights can be installed at the rear part of the car in order to enhance clear visibility of your car to other road users. However, it is necessary, that you mount this light at the front side of your car.

There are different types of fog bulbs available, for instance there is a yellow fog bulb which provides a clear vision because they emit one part of light spectrum thereby getting rid of the scattering which comes up with normal lighting. There is also xenon HID and higher halogen output fog lights respectively. There is also an automatic Dodge light which turns itself on when visibility begins to be poor; perhaps this is one of the best fog lights because it has its own distinctive sensors.

In order to keep your Dodge Ram light strong, you are required to get the premier ones which have been made available by the aftermarket. The Dodge Ram lights are designed in a way that they use 37.5 watt and 898 light bulbs, thereby offering the optimum amount of light which you may need while driving in very dark and misty areas. Every car that has been installed with fog light for Dodge Rams have a rear chance of pumping into accidents because this light rays reflects at the road very first, and indicates any obstacle that might be on the way, sometimes they give needed precautions to your car by maneuvering away from the obstacle.